Tesoro translates into Treasure in Spanish. 
Tesoro Botanicals incorporates nature’s precious botanical into skincare products to help nourish and care for your skin. Each and every ingredient is mindfully chosen because of it's plant powered benefit. We are committed to making products that are effective, affordable and designed with ease of use in mind. All of our products are formulated with beautiful botanical ingredients, avoiding  artificial ingredients, harmful additives and toxic preservatives. Each skincare treasure is carefully handcrafted, in small batches to guarantee quality and freshness.

Meet the Founder of Tesoro Botanicals

Suzanne is the founder, and formulator of Tesoro Botanicals. She has been in the professional beauty industry for over 15 years as a Professional Electrologist and part of a mother/daughter team at Elite Electrolysis Clinic. She has multiple certifications in the skincare and beauty industry, and has found joy in making her friends, family and clients feel more confident in themselves, by helping them with their skincare concerns.

Her vision has always been to make a natural, plant powered skincare product line, that will nourish your skin without any harmful ingredients. A skincare line that also acknowledges the privilege we have of aging gracefully, and that we can also help keep our skin at it's happiest and healthiest as it changes throughout different stages of life. This vision became even more propelled, after becoming a mother. Suzanne then decided to pursue her dream and ended up taking an artisan skincare course, educating herself further, and Tesoro Botanicals was created.

Tesoro translates into Treasure in Spanish. Each skincare product is formulated and made with the utmost care incorporating nature’s precious botanical treasures. It is her hope and goal that you will enjoy these plant powered skincare treasures that will help nourish and care for your skin, keeping it at its happiest and healthiest through all stages of your life!